Weston College Prison Education Celebrates Black History Month


As Black History Month draws to a close we can now reflect on the month of celebrations that have taken place throughout our prisons and what it has meant to our staff, colleagues and learners.

HMP Channings Wood put together a special edition of their monthly newsletter dedicated to Black History which included tributes, poems, activities and artwork – the time  and effort put into researching this and getting it published is evident and it was no doubt greatly received by the prisoners from both an educational perspective and as an engaging activity at a time where they need it more than ever.

Our staff over at HMP Bristol put together an incredible display which was shared on social media by our HMPPS colleagues earlier in the month and on Thursday 29th they hosted a socially distanced event in their education building which included a history and art lesson about African fabric printing and an African and Caribbean cookery class.

The feedback from the learners was very positive and shows the importance of events such as these.

“I learnt about Little Rock Nine, and I can now teach my kids about African print patterns”

“I knew a little about black history already, but ore knowledge is power”

“I learnt about history and past achievement, it was very good and informative”

“I have now learnt more about black culture”

“The food was 10/10 and I enjoyed it”

A huge well done to everyone who has arranged events across the prison estates during Black History Month, it has been reported many times that this type of cultural appreciation is a crucial part of rehabilitating offenders and preparing them for life upon release. Weston College are committed to promoting cultural diversity and we hope that by bringing everyone together during this month it has opened the door for conversations, education and further celebrations this month and beyond.