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Staff testimonials

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    Some of the prisoners have had negative experiences with education throughout their lives and having an opportunity to engage with them in an educational environment is both challenging and rewarding.

    To see someone building their confidence and developing a skill that could help them gain employment on release and ultimately prevent them from reoffending, is an experience I enjoy.

    I try to promote a safe and inclusive environment for students to learn how to use a range of power tools and hand tools safely and also to learn how to carry out 1st fix & 2nd fix activities that will either save them money or enable them to earn money."

    Lecturer in Carpentry

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    "Working for Weston has enabled me to establish a career in teaching, whilst achieving formal teaching qualifications in post.

    I also progressed on to representing the quality team as Advanced Practitioner where I supported my colleagues to develop and maintain high standards of delivery to enable learners to achieve to the best of their ability and strive to support the provision in the pursuit of outstanding.

    I have moved on to a new challenge – I am the Assistant Curriculum Manager!"

    James, Assistant Curriculum Manager HMP Portland

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    "It's the smile a student gives when they realise that they are valued again in society because of the teaching and support that you have just given them during a Weston College course.

    The aim of bringing better employment and prospects in life is a light worth shining on students that have slipped out of it for whatever reason. Achievement is a powerful feeling and hope is the motivator.

    It makes you want to get up and do it every day (that’s the privilege of working in Prison Education)."

    Richard , Lecturer in IT HMP Elmly